Justin Thomas Photography

Bob Dylan

 Bob Dylan, The Feis

Finsbury Park, London - 18/6/2011

The Zim’s fans are fanatical. I’d bought a ticket off a tout and smuggled my camera and a 400mm lens in. I blagged my way backstage and settled down for some Guinness time. Me and my mate made our way into the crowd about 15 minutes before The Bobcat came onstage - big mistake! I tried to make my way through the crowd, but no-one would let me through. » We’ve been here all day! What makes you think just because you’ve got a big camera that we’re going to make way for you! « etc. etc. At the end of every song, when they were clapping and more relaxed, I’d muscle my way that little bit closer and closer to the stage. It was exhausting and physically draining, but with about 3 songs of the set left, I’d got close enough to shoot.

I never give up.