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Ian Dury & Wilco Johnson

 Ian Dury and Wilco Johnson

Michael Sobell Sports Centre, Finsbury Park, London - 23/12/1980

Wilco Johnson was THE most exciting guitar player I ever saw. I saw Dr.Feelgood loads of times, and their shows were absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t taking photos of bands at that time, or rather, fortunately, ’cos I could enjoy their concerts more. When you are taking photos, you don’t tend to notice the music or the performance so much, as you are concentrating on getting the shot. So I was very happy when he joined Ian Dury’s Blockheads for a Christmas show. I only recently discovered the negs for this show, and they probably pleased me more than any other, ’cos Wilco was my all time hero. An abiding memory is going backstage as an 18 year old at Kingston Polytechnic and he shared his pharmaceuticals with me. That would NEVER happen nowadays.