Justin Thomas Photography

Joe Strummer & John Peel

 Joe Strummer and John Peel - Wimpy Bar

Piccadilly Circus, London - 23/7/1981

There used to be lots of ’ligs’ in the 80’s... Record company parties to launch their new artists, usually in posh clubs, with free champagne, canapes etc. This was a ’lig’ for new London Records signing Funkapolitan and it was held upstairs at The Wimpy Bar in Piccadilly Circus. The fare on offer was wimpy burgers and Fosters lager. Joe had been walking around with his possee, Don Letts, Kosmo Vinyl etc. and the air was thick with ganja and the Don’s dj’ing selection. I managed to get two frames of Joe and a bemused looking John Peel. John had provided the soundtrack for my misspent youth, and I was really happy to get this exclusive frame of him with another of my all-time musical heroes.

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