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Led Zeppelin

 Led Zeppelin, Jason Bonham’s Wedding

Reception, Heath Hotel, Bewdley, UK - 28/4/1990

I love to get a scoop. One of my favourites was Led Zeppelin. I’d had a tip that John Bonham’s son, Jason was getting married and that the original members may turn up. I dressed up in a suit to blend in, and stood outside the church and photographed them as they came out. Peter Grant, their notoriously violent manager saw me and approached me. I thought he was going to smash my cameras but he just smiled, asked if I was having a nice day and getting good pictures and walked away. He seemed like the perfect English gentlemen... Don’t always believe what you read! I followed the cars to a hotel. It was a lovely day and I spent the afternoon in the garden drinking Guinness and smoking Ganja. Come the evening everyone was getting drunk, so I decided to move into the dancing room and mingle with the guests. A support band played, then before I knew it someone announced:

»Ladies and gentlemen: Led Zeppelin!« and there were John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page 10 feet in front of me on a little stage playing to a 150 people. They hadn’t played together for 10 years and did 5 songs. Probably one of my favourite gigs.

My photos sold round the world.

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