Justin Thomas Photography


 Nirvana, The Last Tour

The Zenith, Paris - 14/2/1994

I’d gone to Paris to get some pics from the 1st night of Nirvana’s European tour. I didn’t have a photopass, and didn’t want one, as I would have had to sign contracts and only got the first 3 songs; I wanted to do the whole show. There was heavy snow on the night of the gig and I was forced to borrow my friend’s white, typically French raincoat. I paid some money to one of the official photographers to get my camera and big lens past security and met him on the other side. I put the camera under my white mac and made my way into the gig. I must have stood out like a sore thumb when the show started, as everyone was wearing black. when the show started. I pushed my way into the crowd, but I got kicked to death, they obviously thought I was too straight looking! When I managed to get my camera out, the crowd went mad and I was pushed left, right and centre in the violent thrashing surge. During the quieter moments I managed to take some frames, but I was being punched and kicked and many fans were putting their hands over my lens. It was a nightmare. I withdrew from the centre of the mass and took photos from the fringes, before I was spotted by security. I decided to run before they got to me, and got out with 3 rolls of film. It was probably the most difficult circumstances I’d had to shoot under and my body was covered in bruises. They turned out to be some of the last ever live frames, as shortly afterwards he committed suicide.

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