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 Oasis - Earl’s Court aftershow Party

Oxford Circus-5/5/1995

I went to Oasis’s Earl’s Court gig in 1995. To me it was one of their best shows when they were at the height of their powers. There was a party backstage and I didn’t have a pass. I arranged for a friend to come back out with one, but security knew me and warned me not to take any photos. It was frustrating watching the band drive lambrettas around the backstage area and not being allowed to photograph it. I heard a rumour about an ’after after-show’ party and noticed Guigsy, the bassist, giving out tickets. I went up to him and asked him if he could give me any. He said he only had a few left. I said » I only need one.« He said » Ok.« and gave me one. I left the party and headed downtown immediately. I walked into the new venue with my cameras on my shoulder past the photographers waiting outside who couln’t get in, flashing my vip ticket. I settled down to drink some of the free champagne and 10 minutes later Liam stormed in with his mates coked out of his head. I grabbed him and told him what a great gig it was and could I take a picture. I managed to take about 3 frames when I was grabbed round the neck from behind by Liam’s security guy. I said » C’mon man, give me a break. I asked Liam if I could take his picture and he said ’yeah’. What’s the problem?« He replied »We told you you weren’t allowed to take pictures.« I thought he was going to kick me out, but he said I could stay if I checked my cameras into the cloakroom. It was a great party. Everybody seemed to be going to the toilets every 20 minutes to do the white lines, the booze was free and there were pretty girls everywhere. I couldn’t complain, but I wanted THE SHOT! Around 4am I went up to the security guy and said »Look, there’s history being made here tonight and nobody’s recording it. What about if I go up to Liam and Noel and ask them if I can take their photo? If they say no, I promise you I’ll leave immediately.« He looked at me and shouted at me »What part of ”NO!” don’t you fucking understand!?« I didn’t bat an eyelid, just smiled at him. Then he said »I’ll give you 2 minutes.« I went up to Liam, grabbed him by the arm and started steering him towards Noel. I knew I had to work fast, telling him what a fantastic gig it’d been and could I take his photo? They stood side by side and I said »Why don’t you give your brother a kiss?« »Kiss him? I’ll fookin’ ’ave ’im!« he replied and kissed him on the cheek. I had time to take a few more before the security guy said »That’s your lot, now fuck off and DON’T come back.« I love that picture ’cos Liam’s kissing his brother SO hard his top lip is curled upwards and also ’cos i had to work hard to get it AND it was EXCLUSIVE.

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