Justin Thomas Photography

Shane McGowan

Shane McGowan in The Nips 

’Billy’s at Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues Meard St.Soho, London - 22/1/1980 

 They were first called The Nipple Erectors, then The Nips, before Shane founded Pogue Mahone, which later became The Pogues. The Nips were a great live band, full of menace and attitude, and it was obvious to me that Shane modelled himself on Johnny Rotten. This shot was taken at the fabulous ’Gaz’s Rockin Blues’ club, known as ’Billy’s’ in Meard St,Central Soho. I used a flash on a cable off the camera and held it below him to create a big shadow. This frame is also a record that Shane actually had teeth at one point.

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