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The Rolling Stones

 The Rolling Stones

100 Club, Oxford St.London-31/5/1981

I did The Rolling Stones secret gig at the 100 club in Oxford St, when they played to about 250 people. They could easily have got another 1.000 in, as everyone was crushed down the front, trying to get as close as possible. It was a sweltering bank holiday weekend and Oxford St. London was deserted, in the end they were dragging bemused tourists off the street into what would be their greatest rockn’ roll experience ever. They played for ages, with Mick asking what we’d like to hear next. Sweat was dripping off the ceiling and my lens kept steaming up. I think Jagger got a bit pissed off with me popping my flash gun off from 5 yards in front of him. He aimed a bucket of water at me,but luckily I saw it coming, ducked,and it hit my girlfriend in the face, flattening her 80’s ’big hair’ and smugged all her mascara - she wasn’t happy but I told her she’d been annointed! What a gig, ladies and gentlemen, the greatest rock n’ roll band in the world:


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