Justin Thomas Photography

The Sex Pistols

 The Sex Pistols, on board ’The Queen Elizabeth’

The River Thames, London - 7/6/1977

I got a call from a very good friend of mine, Dave Wainwright a week ago, asking me if i could scan some photos for him. When I asked what they were, he said The Sex Pistols on the boat that got raided by the police on the Thames during The Jubilee in 1977. I couldn’t believe it... I asked him where they’d been for the last 35 years??? and he replied that they’d been sitting in a drawer! Unbelievable. There were only 2 photographers on the boat and he was one of them. I asked him if he’d like to show one of the frames in my exhibition and he agreed. I am more than happy to highlight the work of a modest and very underrated photographer friend of mine, who more often than not had the agency he worked for credited rather than HIS name. An excellent, never before seen frame of rock history.